Studies Initiated by Examiners – for Knowledge Gain.


According to Article 5, freedom of research is firmly anchored in the Basic Law. This also includes investigator-initiated trials (IIT). The aim of these studies is to gain knowledge in order, for example, to optimise diagnoses or therapies.

With the increasing commercialisation in hospital operations, there is often not enough space left for these non-commercial clinical trials to be carried out, including their publication in accordance with the applicable regulations (AMG, MPG, ICH-GCP) and requirements.

MEDIACC supports academically active medical colleagues to devote themselves to their core tasks and to apply their specialist knowledge precisely to study design and evaluation. In order to generate and publish high-quality data in addition to clinical activities, our clients benefit from our many years of experience with regulations, filing applications, procedures, project management, pharmacovigilance, biomedical expertise, conducting studies and successfully compiling publications.

If required, we only take on individual tasks or the complete service. Before starting the services, we calculate the budget for each project. This work makes it possible to complete the delegated tasks and thus increase the reputation of the department in order to make results known nationally or internationally in a short period of time.


Invest in your future let us publish your exciting scientific data. Please feel free to contact us at an early stage.


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