Seminars / Workshops


Legislation requires that investigators and study personnel be qualified before the start of a clinical trial. At regular intervals, proof must be provided of repeated training, advanced training and further education. We organise seminars and workshops for our employees and for external participants to ensure that all participants in clinical research have sound knowledge.

If required, we also conduct specific training courses for our clients or at university facilities. We provide tailor-made information and orient ourselves on existing knowledge.


  • GCP (Good Clinical Practice)
  • Regulatory Affairs (AMG)
  • Clinical studies
  • Clinical trial of medical devices
  • Scientific work
  • Doctoral college
  • Medical specialties
  • Product-related
  • Medical apps


Everyone involved in clinical trials has a responsibility. Training courses with up-to-date knowledge are a prerequisite. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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