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MEDIACC is exploring ChatGPT


At MEDIACC we are using ChatGPT to enhance our work in customer-centric digital clinical trial solutions in the digital health space. This technology helps generate semantically correct texts, automate tasks, and perform complex analyses for deeper insights. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and technology, and our adoption of ChatGPT is just one example of that. We believe that this new addition to our arsenal will not only help us improving our business goals but also enable us to provide greater value to our clients. While we're excited about technologies like ChatGPT, we believe that scientific correctness by far outweighs speed when it comes to finding eloquent wordings. Meticulous research is our core identity to ascertain the ethical use of AI technology and protection of freedom and individual rights. Therefore, we will ensure human control over results to maintain accuracy and quality. Our team will undergo extensive training to make the most out of this technology while maintaining ethical and responsible use.

This post was written with the help of ChatGPT and carefully revised manually.

New abstract accepted as a presentation in the best-of session of an international congress!


Digital questionnaires that specifically record patient-relevant outcomes – so-called patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) – play an important role in DIGA approval studies. In order for these to be accepted by the authorities as endpoints, they must be validated according to the latest standards. We have developed and validated such a new digital questionnaire for our client and are very pleased that our abstract has just been accepted at an international congress as a presentation in the session “best presentation”.

We did it again!


The medical app from our client has been listed in the DiGA directory! We congratulate on this milestone and are proud to have contributed to this success. We look forward to future collaborations for new digital innovations in healthcare!





The rabbit is a gentle animal, water an energising, flexible element. The waves smooth out, a year of peaceful change begins. The mood turns towards calm, from which great things can spring and flourish, far from impulsiveness, belligerence and aggressive tempests. Tempers are calmed, feuds are buried. Stability and prosperity set in. Young love sprouts. Great plans are made.
We wish all partners and friends a fruitful, restful Year of the Water Rabbit 2023.

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Happy New Year!


We are delighted to have a second complete digital decentral multi-centre clinical trial (DDCT) under review by the Ethics Committee since December 2022. We thank our Client for their trust and cooperation in supporting the advancement of digital future-oriented research and look forward to the exciting challenges of designing and conducting further innovative DDCTs. Happy new year to all of you!

Just in time for the end of the year, first guidance for digital decentralised clinical trials in Europe!


The ACT EU Initiative has just published first recommendations on decentralised digital clinical trials (DDCT). We welcome the guidance for transformation of clinical trials towards higher quality, cost-effectiveness, inclusion and patient-centredness. Planning and conducting DDCTs comes with many new challenges and chances: eConsent, video consultation, decentralised data flow, and division of responsibilities between different actors. Particular care is needed, especially for vulnerable populations whose rights are of highest priority. We welcome these new recommendations and at the same time we are proud and happy for our Client that we have just received ethical approval for a completely digitalised study with all its new technical options.

In this spirit, we wish all our customers and cooperation partners a merry Christmas and look forward to new and exciting challenges together in the coming year!

Did you know the history of paper and decentralised digital clinical trials?


The oldest paper dates from about 180 to 50 years before Christ, arrived in Europe (Spain) about 1085, in Germany about 1390, and in England about 1490. In the meantime, we have said goodbye to paper in clinical trials and conduct them digitally in large part. Increasingly, we are also digitising other laborious work. This increases quality, security of information, convenience for all involved, and costs can be dramatically reduced. So-called Digital Decentralised Clinical Trials (DDCT) must meet the highest standards. Guidelines are being developed by national and transnational authorities and organisations. The Swiss were the first country to achieve this for DDCT in 2021, followed by Sweden, Denmark and China, who published their guidelines. We are currently waiting for the European and US guidelines – and hope that doctors’ desks have a chance! 


From Beliefs and Feelings to Dry Regulations and Finally to Patient-Relevant Innovations – 9 Years of Excitement at MEDIACC!

The most exciting time in life is youth? Or the academic time at university? Not even close.

When I founded MEDIACC in 2013 as a physician with a vision to show our patients the benefits of innovation through evidence, I could not have imagined the incredibly fulfilling times that would come my way.

Quick facts and figures:

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