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Our Study Concept Works


At its meeting on January 21, 2021, the Federal Joint Committee (Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss, G-BA) decided that our study concept complies with the requirements of the “Guideline of the Federal Joint Committee” („Richtlinie des Gemeinsamen Bundesausschusses“). This means it meets the key points of the trial guideline and is thus suitable for generating the data required for the method evaluation in accordance with Section 135 (1) of the German Social Code, Book V (SGB V).

We are overjoyed! The decision will soon be published on the G-BA website (

Many thanks to all involved for the efforts and the great input!



㊗️牛年大吉,新年平安,健康快樂! 七喜临门,百事可乐

Wishing you and your family a happy, prosperous and blessed Lunar New Year of the ox.

May we see each other again in not too distant future under better circumsatances.

They Must Be Given a Chance!


Young people and children are currently being deprived of as much as they were last at the time of the war! Due to the current measures, especially active young people are currently experiencing a feeling of greater isolation and confinement. We at MEDIACC financially support the efforts and incentives of sports and leisure clubs to enable responsible outdoor sports activities until the warmer season. The signal for the young generation: Get out there! Get moving! Experience something! And get fit for the coming sports season and your friends!

3000 Trees for a Climate-Resistant Forest!


We are proud of all the helpers who followed our call and initiated, organised and financed by donations from Rotary and the MEDIACC to turn this incredible number of trees into a great planting campaign. We have put our responsibility into practice across generations. Our forest is growing!

Effective Air Filters – New Chance for Personal Meetings?


Air cleaning devices filter the smallest particles from the room air. Standardised tests are used to measure how many particles of a defined size are removed from the room air. MEDIACC supports manufacturers of such air purification devices in these tests. Result: From 5.000.000 particles (also in virus size!) only 20-30 particles get into the ambient air when using the air filter – practically nothing. Does this make personal contacts possible again? Yes! The certified effectiveness of this filter enables safe contact in areas where personal meetings are necessary. We are proud to provide another building block in the fight against the pandemic and return to normality with personal meetings!

European Award “Blue Bear”


The Working Group State Europe School Berlin receives the Europe Award Blue Bear of the State of Berlin! With this award we are honoured for our long-lasting work in civic engagement to ensure European and multilingual education for about 3500 children and young people. For a strong Europe together!

Digital Health Applications – Above Us Only the Sky!


At last! The first digital health applications (DiGA, medical apps) are available on prescription. This is made possible due to clear quality criteria in the evaluation of medical benefits or positive effects of care, which then lead to listing in the DIGA directory of the BfArM. We are proud to make our contribution here as well. Thus, innovations are directed straight at those in need!

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