Did you know the history of paper and decentralised digital clinical trials?


The oldest paper dates from about 180 to 50 years before Christ, arrived in Europe (Spain) about 1085, in Germany about 1390, and in England about 1490. In the meantime, we have said goodbye to paper in clinical trials and conduct them digitally in large part. Increasingly, we are also digitising other laborious work. This increases quality, security of information, convenience for all involved, and costs can be dramatically reduced. So-called Digital Decentralised Clinical Trials (DDCT) must meet the highest standards. Guidelines are being developed by national and transnational authorities and organisations. The Swiss were the first country to achieve this for DDCT in 2021, followed by Sweden, Denmark and China, who published their guidelines. We are currently waiting for the European and US guidelines – and hope that doctors’ desks have a chance!